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Our First Full Set Of Irons


The "Ferrari Putter"


The Retirement Build


Single length 4 hybrid-SW. Driver draw face cut to 43-1/2”. Foam inserts in all irons


Ping Driver Re-Shaft


Acer VX 10.5 Degree Driver, XV 3W, 4 Hybrid, 5-PW XV Irons Single Length +1/2” Over Standard


Dynacraft Prophet CB Irons 5-9 Single Length, Acer Velocity Graphite Shafts and Golf Pride Grips


Dynacraft Prophet CB Irons, 7-GW Single Length, KBS Satin Steel Shafts, Pure Grip grips


35” Putters with Flatso 2.0 Grips, One with Counter Weight, One Standard

Acer XV draw face 10.5 degree driver, 3W with Aerotech 50 gram shafts, XV 4-5 hybrids, XV HT 6-SW with KBS Tour 90 shafts (single length) and mallet putter with Flasto 1.0 grip with 50 gram counter weight

Acer XV draw face 10.5 degree driver with Acer Velocity 45 gram shaft, XV 4-5 hybrid and VX HT 6-SW irons (single length) with KBS Tour 90 Satin shafts, Winn midsized grips, 35” mallet putter with Flasto 2.0 grip with a Hot-Z 3.0 standbag